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Dear Kapuskasing Residents,


On behalf of members of Kapuskasing Council, I extend our sincere appreciation to the organizing committee, the generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers who have contributed to the success of Kapuskasing’s centennial celebrations.


We hope that you were able to benefit from the many activities that were held throughout the year in celebration of Kapuskasing’s 100th Anniversary and that everyone had the chance to enjoy and experience what Kapuskasing has to offer.


We are without a doubt proud of the success of all the activities, events and celebrations that were held throughout the year in recognition of Kapuskasing’s centennial. I would like to take this moment to applaud the generous sponsors, partners and volunteers who have contributed to the success of Kapuskasing’s 100th anniversary celebrations. The celebrations would not have been the same without your support and commitment!


Over the last 100 years, Kapuskasing has encountered many changes. Our community has gone through both challenging and proud moments. Today, we take pride in the events that have contributed to our rich history and culture.


This special milestone offered a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect and honor those who have contributed to our rich history and culture. 100 years is worth more than just the numbers. It represents a lifetime contribution to our community.


Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the entire KAP100 organizing committee in making Kapuskasing’s Centennial Celebrations a great success!



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Mayor Dave Plourde

Leaders Through Time

100th Birthdays

Kapuskasing isn't the only one celebrating 100 years in 2021. We're proud to recognize residents of our community who are celebrating their 100th birthday this year!


We've been notified that Mrs. Rose Cayouette and Mrs. Liliane Guenette are both celebrating their 100th birthday in 2021. Happy birthday! Discover more about them by clicking on the article below.

100th birthdays.png
Band Performing

Rendez-Vous Weekend

Rendez-Vous Weekend was held in the Riverside Park

on Friday September 10th and Saturday September 11, 2021


For our first in-person event, we were very excited to offer an exciting lineup of activities

2021 Miracle-Gro Best Garden Selection Program

Kapuskasing has been selected to participate in the 2021 Miracle-Gro Best Garden Selection Program. We received 13 submissions and 6 winners were selected.

Home Gardening

A little bit of our history

Like most northern communities, the Town of Kapuskasing started with the development of the National Transcontinental Railway. In 1917, the name of MacPherson changed to Kapuskasing (Bend in the river), as it remains today. During World War I, internment camps were built for enemy aliens residing within the country. After the war, the Canadian government maintained the development of Northern Ontario by increasing its population by offering 100 acres of land to any family willing to settle in the north. In 1920, the Spruce Falls Power and Paper Company Ltd. opened its doors and in 1921 The Town of Kapuskasing was officially incorporated.

KAP100 Memorabilia

Throughout 2021, limited edition products were created and sold to commemorate the centennial.

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