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Kapuskasing will soon be 100 years old. On April 8th, 1921, it was officially incorporated as a town. To celebrate, the municipality and its partners are getting ready for a colourful year.

If you are a former resident or want to visit us during our centennial anniversary, there is an overview of Kapuskasing 100 years later; Kapuskasing is a town with just a bit more than 8,100 residents are well known for being welcoming. This town, also called «the Model Town of the North», is growing in vitality in part due to the implication of young adults taking back the torch. There is indeed lots of opportunity for the youth and newcomers! Something we can observe by a young entrepreneur and a younger town council. Visit the "Kapuskasing Services" page to learn more about the offering in services in town.

As always, snowmobile, hunting and fishing are the go-to hobbies in the region, but there is so much more possibility. From Crossfit to a visit to La Fromagerie Kapuskoise, everyone will be able to enjoy our town. To learn more about Kapuskasing, visit the town's website.

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