You can make a difference

Through 2021, there will be all kinds of activities, including the official launch on April 8th, 2021. From commemorating our history to activities for all age groups, we are confident that everyone will enjoy the celebrations.

The KAP100 committee is working hard to bring you a handful of memories. The members are focused on celebrating the past, present and looking into our town's future while emphasizing bringing people together. Actual and past residents, including surrounding communities, will be invited to celebrate. We hope you are ready and excited to participate in this historic moment!

This event will create a sense of belonging with the people coming to the celebrations. It is also an excellent way for sponsors to show that they care for the community and connect with potential clients. There will be a mix of historical activities, entertainment for all age groups and family activities, making it a perfect way to reach a wide range of clients.

It is important to commemorate our 100th anniversary, from the creation of the Transcontinental railway, the wood industry and the pulp and paper industry. Relive the key events, celebrate the present while looking into the future! We have to celebrate our accomplishments, and we hope you will be a part of it.

We want to celebrate everyone in our community, whether that be the kids discovering life in Kapuskasing, families enjoying our way of life, or our elders who are proud to grow old in our town. Get involved as a volunteer, organization or sponsor to make this year a successful and memorable one!



Why to become a sponsor?

By partnering with KAP100, your business will stand out because it will support far more than events. It will support an entire community. Here is the greatest sponsorship opportunity for the last 100 years! There will be opportunities for visibility all year round at our events where thousands of people will gather. Other opportunities will also be available, including through our online platforms. You will be able to reach different demographics. You will be recognized as an organization that is involved in the community. Don't miss your chance. 

How to become a sponsor?

Please view the sponsorship package below to be find out about our different sponsorship opportunities.